Emmanuel Bible College


The following core values express our finest aspirations and serve as guiding principles in the pursuit of our mission to equip people for effective Christian ministry. We commit ourselves to reflect the following values.


Learning and Instruction

We acknowledge the inspired truth of Scripture as the reference point for our educational process. We seek to develop lifelong learners with a Christian worldview. We are committed to academic and professional excellence. We desire to achieve balance in our curriculum through the integration of intellectual, spiritual, and practical studies.


Development of the Person

We hold that theological education involves shaping the whole person. Therefore, we value the development of moral and ethical integrity, physical and emotional health, and spiritual maturity, all as the demonstration of character through a holy lifestyle.


Service and Mission

We prepare students to engage in practical ministry. We value the demonstration of leadership and servanthood to meet the spiritual and social needs of our world. We encourage interdependence with local churches and diverse ministry contexts where our students can utilize their gifts and graces for service to the church and to the world.