Emmanuel Bible College



Emmanuel Bible College faculty and administrators commit themselves to equipping each student to become a Christian witness and servant-leader who will demonstrate:

1.  Effective communication skills in listening, speaking, and writing.

2.  Critical thinking skills necessary to interact effectively in a culturally diverse and

increasingly pluralistic world.

3.   Skills in biblical exposition that accurately reflect the content and meaning of


4.   A biblically-formed worldview, integrating the Christian faith with general

educational content.

 5.  A pattern of lifelong learning.

 6.  Personal discipline in one’s care for body, mind, and spirit.

 7.  A devoted relationship with Christ.

 8.  A life of Christian holiness in community.

 9.  Leadership in a variety of ministry contexts.

10. Effective service within the context of modern society.

11. A commitment to global evangelism.