Emmanuel Bible College



Credit may be awarded for learning demonstrated by examination for subjects appropriate to the curricula of the NBC/EBC programs. The executive director may approve national standardized examination programs, such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or the Advanced Placement Program (AP). Credit for learning demonstrated by departmental examinations may be approved by the executive director.


The executive director will determine whether the student’s examination results merit the awarding of credit. Credit may be awarded for military education and training programs for subjects appropriate to the curricula of the EBC programs. Evaluation will be based on the recommendations of the American Council of Education Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.


Credit may be awarded for college-level studies validated by evaluation of a Student Academic Portfolio. Such a portfolio is typically used to substantiate the transferability of work done at non-accredited institutions. For credit to be awarded through a Student Academic Portfolio, a student should present his/her portfolio for evaluation at the time of his/her application to the college. Credit may be awarded after one semester of successful enrollment at Emmanuel Bible College.


A maximum of 72 semester hours may be posted from a student’s academic portfolio completed at a District Training Center, otherwise, the maximum number of hours which may be awarded for examination, military, and other portfolio credit in any baccalaureate degree program is 24 semester hours. The maximum in any two-year associate degree program is 12 semester hours.


There will be a fee for posting examination, military, and portfolio credit on the college transcript. For more information, contact the Executive Director's office.